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My Services

For Earth-first Businesses

Your Everything

$3,100 - $5,500/month

Your one-stop copy + email shop.

Complete with:

  • ALL your copy for ALL your channels (social, blog, website, emails, etc.)

  • Email marketing overhaul of essential sequences, segments, and technical details

  • Full-suite email list management, from content to campaign calendars

  • Top priority in my client schedule 

  • Deep market research, well organized

  • Intelligent use of AI to generate better copy, faster

  • Weekly sales + progress updates from Yours Everything Truly

  • ANYTHING you see on this Services page ON DEMAND 

"All the marketing strategies you can handle!"

To be your Er'thang

Your Prompt Engineer

$2,100 - $3,300/Month

Smart AI prompting + expert copyediting.

Using ChatGPT and Bard to instantly create high-quality, endless:

  • Buyer personas

  • Product positions

  • Emails

  • Press releases

  • Blog posts

  • VSLs

  • Sales pages

  • Product pages

  • Webpages

  • Social ads

"The AI Whisperer."

To keep the robots honest

Your List Manager

$2,100 - $3,300/month

I optimize your email system for sales + the planet.


  • An expert audit of your current system

  • Full sequence + automation buildout

  • All your email content

  • Tip-to-toe email campaign management

  • Smart customer segments and personalization

  • Pro strategies to boost deliverability

  • Domain reputation + list hygiene best practices

  • DNS records optimization

  • Weekly sales + update reports from me

"Never think about email marketing again!"

To be Your Pro List Manager

Your Email Gameplan

$1,000 Flat Fee

A custom blueprint to boost your email revenue.

Complete with:

  • Expert audit of your current email system

  • 12-month action plan tailored for your market

  • Outline of vital sequences + automations

  • Content, broadcast, and newsletter ideas

  • Sales campaign schedules

  • Smart segment suggestions

  • Technical tips + list management best practices

"Perfect for DIY and bootstrapping Ecopreneurs!"

For your custom email gameplan

Also COpywriting...

It's in the name, after all. I do one-time copywriting projects as my schedule allows, especially for new clients interested in a no-pressure trial of the services above.

to start with something small

Clients are my biggest fans

Even More Testimonials

"We're really impressed and happy with the overall package... your emails are really awesome."

-Natasha V.

Co-founder, nu cycle

"An amazing storyteller. Tom has an ability to communicate with every type of person."

-Kelly M.

coordinator, Outfront MN

"A JOY to work with! A world-class copywriter and a downright fun human being."

-Leah P.

Sales Manager, City Pages

"Tom is whip-smart and a first-rate wordsmith, catapulting whatever he works on to new levels."

-Kevin H.

Tech Lead, Instrument

To become the next happy customer

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