Email (+ other) Copywriting Services

Final prices are dependent on the size of your list, the complexity of your offer(s), or the amount of work requested.

Email Audit

One-time payment


Includes a...

  • Test of your deliverability to see how often your emails are going to "Spam"

  • Outline of strategies to get your emails landing in the Primary Inbox

  • Full audit of your existing email marketing


  • Custom roadmap to optimize your campaigns and flows

  • List of ideas for emails and subject lines

If you want an email gameplan

for an audit

All Your Emails

Monthly payments



  • An Email Audit

  • Writing fun emails your subscribers actually want to read for all your campaigns, flows, funnels, newletters, launches and broadcasts

  • Enticing subject lines that pull your readers in

  • Juicy CTAs that compell your subcribers to act

  • Deep market research that reveals your ideal customers' pains, hopes, dreams, and ambitions

  • Never having to write another email ever again

If you're sick of writing emails

to write them all for you

Copy Ala Carte

One-time payment

$25 - $100/piece

I've got years of experience writing other forms of copy, which you can request "ala carte" to match your current needs:

  • Social media posts

  • Blog posts

  • Articles

  • Landing pages

  • Opt-in boxes

  • About pages

  • Product pages

  • Mission statements

  • Mottoes

  • Taglines

  • Slogans

  • Website descriptors

  • Advertorials

  • Basically all forms of copy

Your List Manager

Monthly Payments



  • Your Email Audit

  • All Your Emails

  • Unlimited Copy Ala Carte

  • A deep-dive into your ESP (email service provider) to handle your subscriber logistics

  • Cleaning up your opt-in process to reduce friction for new leads

  • Optimizing your welcome sequence or building a new one

  • Ensuring you have all essential flows up and running

  • Building new campaigns for your launches or special offers

  • Managing your SMS messaging AND your email list (you should use both, and they're very different)

  • Implementing a "secret" strategy that turns unsubscribers into customers

  • Improving your deliverability to keep you out of the 'Spam' folder and 'Promo' tab

  • Fixing your DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records, so you don't get labeled "Spam"

  • Tracking and analytics to plan around engaging content

  • A/B testing to maximize conversion

  • Making your list "self-cleaning" to remove unresponsive leads who are damaging your domain reputation

  • Making your list "platform-proof" so you're not dependent on one ESP

  • Regular performance updates so I can brag about how much $$$ I'm making you

If you need a top email marketer + copywriter

to do it all for you


One-time or ongoing payments


You write the words, I'll make 'em sing.

for a copy clean-out

Clients are my biggest fans

More Testimonials

"Tom is whip-smart and a first-rate wordsmith, catapulting whatever he works on to new levels."

-Kevin H.

Tech Lead, Instrument

"An amazing storyteller. Tom has an ability to communicate with every type of person."

-Kelly M.

coordinator, Outfront MN

"A JOY to work with! A world-class copywriter and a downright fun human being."

-Leah P.

Sales Manager, City Pages

"Tom's copy is the best thing that ever happened to our business. His tactics helped us scale to 7-figures."

-Rachel B.

General Manager, Happy Earth Co-op

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