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Writing for what's right.

A screenshot of the IBIS Power Homepage

When the renewable energy architect IBIS Power started expanding into the North American market, they hired me to rewrite core pages of their website.

Over the years with my oldest client, I built Happy Earth's sales strategy, helped them transform into an employee-owned cooperative, wrote every lick of copy on their website and managed their email list.

A screenshot of Happy Earth Cleaning Co-op's homepage
The Nu Cycle logo featuring concentric circles and the words: "Nu Cycle"

Waste offset service Nu Cycle hired me to build their email ecosystem, including a welcome sequence and other essential autoresponders. Their technology-driven platform presents a complex and exciting writing challenge.

A holistic approach to sustainability means I also write for clients like EmBe, a nonprofit that's been empowering women and families in the Midwest for over a century. I write articles, posts, and other content for them on-demand.

A screenshot of cascading article previews from EmBe's News page
A screenshot of the beginning of Mix Maker's new client survey

I collaborate with woman-led marketing agency Mix Maker, where I am their in-house "Money Maker." I built their new client survey and fulfill some of their consulting and copywriting deliverables.

MNCEO is fighting for a sustainable business future through employee ownership. As a copywriter at MNCEO, I helped re-write the text on their website and composed other content like their annual Report to the Community.

A screenshot of MNCEO's home page featuring some Eco-Copywriter text.

Let's work together...

I'm a seasoned:


But I only work for Earth-first businesses. Greenwashers NOT allowed. My clients are pioneers of cleantech, smart materials, sustainable ecomm, renewable energy, the circular economy...

About the Eco-Copywriter

A daytime photo in front of a mountain lake with Thomas Crouse (The Eco-Copywriter) and his adorable infant son

He normally doesn't let me outside without a leash

Oh hey, I'm Thomas Crouse (pronounced Kraus). You can call me Tom.

(But don't call me Tom Cruise. That's Risky Business. If you call me that, working together will become Mission Impossible. Keep the Maverick jokes to yourself and I'll help you see The Color of Money.)

I'm a full-time dad and part-time marketing magician with severe climate anxiety.

It's a funny thing, to love selling but to hate "business as usual."

I prefer businesses that are... unusual.


Game-changers. Visionaries. Futurists.

So in 2014, I became the Sales Manager for Happy Earth Co-op, a new start-up with a mission to "green-up" the cleaning industry.

Within two years, I was credited with scaling Happy Earth to 7-figures in annual revenue.

It's still a thriving employee-owned cooperative to this day. Happy Earth is where I first learned that a sustainable business can also be massively successful.

And I've since led eco-concious brands across the globe to the same success. I've helped VC-funded companies turn seed money into audiences of raving fans. I've built and managed email ecosystems complete with essential sequences, nuanced segments, and boring stuff like DKIM records. Recently, I've been taming the robots as an AI prompt engineer and editor.

Did I mention I'm also a copywriter?

THE Eco-Copywriter.

(And don't you forget it!)

The simple truth is: I'm inspired by the dreamers and pioneers who disrupt wasteful industries.


Writing for them helps me sleep at night.

When my son grows up and asks what I did to stop the climate crisis, I'll show him this.


My portfolio, my mission, my passion to use my marketing skills for something other than blindly grinding the gears of capitalism.

If your business is working on something I'd be proud to tell my son about in 15 years, you're the type who's welcome to browse my services and get in touch.

In the meantime, I'll be busy using my hometown of Norman, OK as a launchpad for cross-country kayaking and camping adventures with the fam.

Learn more about me at

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