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Nu Cycle EMail List

A screenshot of the first few lines from Nu Cycle's welcome email, written by the Eco-Copywriter. The text in the image reads: "SUBJ: Welcome to Nu’s Letter PREVIEW TEXT: A Nu way to offset (for 10% less)  Welcome to Nu’s Letter, the monthly email newsletter from Nu Cycle.   You might be wondering, “What is Nu Cycle?”  In short, we're a new breed of waste offset company powered by AI. But we’ll unpack the details of our data-driven offsetting network in upcoming emails.  First, we want to congratulate you on getting this email.  If you’re reading this, it means you found the highest-impact waste offset service in the world.  You’ve landed on the ground floor of a global circular economy.  “I hear ‘circular economy’ a lot these days,” you say, “but what does it actually mean?”"

Click here to read the welcome email I wrote for Nu Cycle

What They Say:

"We're really impressed and happy with the overall package... [the emails] are really awesome. We're so happy with what you've done. This is such a cool way of telling what we're doing, breaking it down and making it more engaging. But you still really get to the gist of what we're doing, which not everyone does immediately... We're so happy that you 'get it' and you're good at talking about it."

Natasha Viitasaari,

co-founder of Nu Cycle

The Client

Nu Cycle is a waste offset service with a tech twist. They use Semantic AI to crunch the massive challenge of tracking the world's waste streams. This gives them a clear view of where certain types of pollution tend to accumulate. Data then guides Nu Cycle to organizations uniquely located to collect and transform that environmental pollution where it concentrates the most. Currently, Nu Cycle funds the work of four partners who remove things like plastic and glass from the environment. These four partners are the real engine of offsetting, since they use the collected waste material to create new goods like bricks or bio-epoxy. As Nu Cycle's data set grows, their AI will track more waste streams and identify more partners who can convert more waste back into usable goods. Offsetting with Nu Cycle powers a scalable, circular platform that transforms pollution into a solution across the globe.  

The Project

Nu Cycle approached me to set up their email ecosystem. So far, that has included:

  • Advising them which ESP to use

  • Writing and building a welcome sequence

  • Helping with double opt-in and GDPR compliance

  • Strategies to boost subscriber engagement

Moving forward, I'll continue to build more of Nu Cycle's email ecosystem by writing and implementing more autoresponders, like a post-purchase flow. As they grow, we'll create a proper newsletter broadcast schedule to keep all the offsetters up-to-date. Their complex cleantech platform presents an exciting challenge for me as a copywriter.

I believe in the raw potential of Nu Cycle to completely reshape the offsetting industry by marrying cutting-edge AI with a world-saving mission. They're just getting started, but I think we'll see big things from Nu Cycle in the future. 

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