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MNCEO web copy + More

A screenshot of MNCEO's homepage, rife with the Eco-Copywriter's words.

What They Say:

"Thanks for your work on this! I like your suggestion of calling it a 'Report to the Community'. This document will be sent in grant submissions and posted on our website, and I think it summarizes our work nicely."

Sue Crockett,

Executive Director of MNCEO

The Client

The Minnesota Center for Employee Ownerhsip (MNCEO) is a 501(c)(3) charity organization advocating for all forms of employee-ownership across Minnesota's business landscape. Formed in the cursed year of 2020, they've done an incredible job pooling MN's disparate employee-ownership resources under one roof. MNCEO also raises funds and awareness about this "new" (old) way of doing business that keeps community wealth local, creates resilient businesses, and confronts the corporatization of America.

The Project

MNCEO hunted me down after my essential help transforming Happy Earth into an employee-owned cooperative so I could:

  • Rewrite their entire "1st Draft" website

  • Write the annual 2020 + 2021 "Reports to the Community"

  • Serve as an early Board Member and marketing advisor

This organization is now growing rapidly and starting to make an impact on Minnesota's business terrain. I'm proud of the work I've done advocating for employee-ownership with MNCEO.

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