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Mix Maker Surveys + Strategy

A screenshot of the first few lines of Mix Maker's new client survey, which was written by the Eco-Copywriter.

Wanna see an amazing new client survey? Contact me and I'll send you one (if you meet my new client criteria 😉).

What They Say:

"His copywriting is delightful, but what about strategy, systems, surveys?! He's got that, too. As a client-obsessed word-nerd, it's difficult to convey how HARD it is for me to trust someone with the workload Tom has taken on for Mix Maker. But I not only trust him, I DEPEND on Tom to guide my long-term business goals while quickly turning projects for short-term success."

Ngoc Thach,

founder of Mix Maker

The Client

Mix Maker is a "non-agency" of creative professionals bound together by our mutual love of music and our desire to make a difference. Brainchild of the electrifying Ngoc Thach, Mix Maker has grown into a creative powerhouse with top-notch filmography, graphic design, copywriting, and audio production capabilities. Among this exhilarating group of professional makers, I'm proud to wear the "Money Maker" hat.

The Project

I've done some high-level work for Mix Maker, including:

  • Writing a gorgeous new client survey, which happens to look a lot like mine 🤫

  • Helping with client strategy + onboarding

  • Serving as a go-to copywriter for a variety of clients

  • Polluting our Slack channel with Spotify links

It's nice to have a small community of decent humans who work in fields adjacent to my own. Their process influences mine, we bounce ideas off of each other, and we make some radical content together. If one of my clients needs a service I can't offer, there's a Mix Maker who can do it.


Truth be told, Mix Maker is also a reliable source of good clients for me. It's one of those win-win-win-win-win-win-win scenarios. Love those.

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