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IBIS Power Website Rewrites

A screenshot of the IBIS Power homepage lookin' all fresh with that Eco-Copywriter text.
A screenshot of the IBIS Power about page.

What They Say:

"We're looking for the right person who can combine technical and commercial language... I like how you rewrote and polished it in a casual, professional way to meet the deadline. Thanks for the bonus slogan - it's a cool one!... It is a pleasure for us at IBIS Power to work with and meet people like you who are passionate about green technology and want to support us with their talents to make the world a more beautiful and cleaner place.... I read your developments, it looks excellent with the 'sprinkles' you add to the text!"

Elena Kazakova, Marketing Manager at IBIS Power

The Client

IBIS Power is a renewable energy architect based in Eindhoven, NL. They design on-site renewable energy systems that capture high yields of both wind & solar power, and they're actively adapting their radical designs to rooftop and portable energy systems. IBIS prototypes are capable of generating clean energy right where it's needed most, directly inside urban environments and post-disaster areas. Their complex products require a precise blend of technical and promotional language to appeal to general audiences. As they look to expand into North America, they need the Eco-Copywriter to give their website text a natural flow.

The Project

So far, I have rewritten these pages on the IBIS Power Website:

These pages had existing designs inside which my new words needed to fit perfectly, except for Dr. Suma's Bio. I also provide IBIS with powerful slogans, headlines, and design ideas beyond the original scope of the work, because I can't help myself.


I am currently working with IBIS on new products and campaigns which are not ready for public announcement. You'll have to trust me when I say IBIS has some "shocking" energy news coming down the pipeline!

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