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Happy Earth Co-op Overhaul

A screenshot of Happy Earth Co-op's homepage

What They Say:

"Tom is a marketing superhero, he saved our butts with his sales writing power! We are still overflowing with more customers than we can handle thanks to his work on our website and email marketing (among other things). Hiring Tom is one of the best things that ever happened to this little cooperative."

Rachel Battles, General Manager at Happy Earth Co-op

The Client

Happy Earth Cleaning Co-op is Minnesota's first and only employee-owned cleaning cooperative. They use eco-friendly materials and responsible practices to clean the homes and offices of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. They are much beloved by customers and community, alike.

The Project

In 8+ years working with Happy Earth, I've completed more projects than I can remember. Here are some of my biggest accomplishments over there:

  • Total website rewrite

  • Sales process restructuring

  • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys

  • Vital assistance with conversion to employee-ownership

  • Designed and wrote the core Happy Earth training manual

  • Countless email broadcasts to customers

  • Helped build and launch their eComm store

The previous owners (and founders) of Happy Earth credited me with turning their struggling business around. They also claim that the co-op transition would not have been possible without me. For sure Happy Earth's solid team of cleaners is the reason for their continued success, but it's true I've helped those jolly earthlings A LOT over the years.

I am happy to report the team at Happy Earth barely needs my help anymore, but they still request my high-level consultation from time to time.

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