Thomas Crouse
The Eco-Copywriter

Thomas Crouse, "The Eco-Copywriter" and definitely NOT a lizard person, ok? Quit asking!

Definitely not a reptile in a human suit. nuh-uh. no way. Not me.

A Marketer Concerned About Climate

My writing journey began in 2010, when I founded the indie publishing company Sic Semper Serpent in Minneapolis, MN.

There, I mastered the arts of storytelling and marketing while serving as Editor-in-Chief.

Then in 2014, I became the Sales Manager for Happy Earth Co-op, a new start-up with a mission to "green-up" the cleaning industry.

I was credited with scaling Happy Earth from 5- to 7-figures in annual revenue.

It's where I first learned that a sustainable business can also be massively successful.

And I've since led eco-friendly brands across the globe to the same success with my copywriting and list management skills.

So in 2021, I decided to double-down on my twin loves of...

Environmentalism + copywriting

That's how "The Eco-Copywriter" was born.

Green business must play a role in our present and our future.

Sustainable brands are bravely pioneering a new way of commerce, one that prioritizes people, planet, and profit.

SHOCKER: Profits don't kill planets. Shamelessly pursuing infinite growth at the expense of natural resources does.

Your eco-friendly company is living proof that there's another way.

A way to do business in harmony with the Earth.

But that's only possible when you make a lifelong connection with customers who are loyal fans of your product and your mission.

Customers who demand that your marketing match your values.

That's where I come in:

Hire Me

Make sure my services fit your green business needs, then...


To my list of cosmic Reptilian knowledge.

About the Eco-copywriter

Oh hey, I'm Thomas Crouse (pronounced Kraus). You can call me Tom.

Just don't call me Tom Cruise, that's Risky Business. If you call me that, working together will become Mission Impossible. Keep the Maverick jokes to yourself, and I'll help you see The Color of Money.

In addition to copywriting and managing email lists, I'm also a stay-at-home-dad for my son Finnley and my wizard-cat Merlin.


Feels good to take off the human mask once in a while

In 2021, my wife Becky was accepted into a PhD program at the University of Oklahoma. So we packed our bags, left our frigid home of Minneapolis, MN and headed to balmy Norman, OK.


When I get a spare moment, you'll find me hiking through the wilderness and kayaking down any river I can find. Sometimes Zelda BotW is enough to satisfy my wanderlust.

I'm determined to preserve the natural beauty of this planet for my son. That's why I combined my talents for writing and selling into one persona called The Eco-Copywriter.