Thomas Crouse, "The Eco-Copywriter"

This goof doesn't bite humans (anymore).

The cat is cool, too.

Combating the Climate Crisis with Copy

I tell the stories of environmental pioneers who disrupt wasteful industries around the world.

More than copywriting, I'll deepen your market research, sharpen your audience targeting, and even manage your email list.

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"Copy is just the beginning."

Copywriting is one skill that affects every area of marketing.

I started out as a copywriter.

But after 12+ years, I've also helped clients structure websites, get featured on the news, uncover hidden market insights, and build healthy email lists.

These days, I'm more than "just a copywriter."


I'm a hands-on consultant who does the work of a small marketing agency.

Hey, don't take my word for it:

"Tom's tactics helped us scale to 7-figures. Period."

Rachel Battles of Happy Earth Co-op

Rachel Battles

Co-founder & General Manager, Happy Earth Co-op

"You really have a grasp on selling."

Daniel Throssell of Persuasive Page

Daniel Throssell

"Australia's Best Copywriter"

Mastermind of Persuasive Page

"His skills have helped us gradually conquer the Earth."

Zjanduuu, Supreme Lizard Overlord of Sector Xc-58-p


Lizard Overlord

"Everyone looks forward to reading your next material."

Azur Dervisagic

Azur Dervisagic

Co-founder, Synergy Moon

"He's ok, I guess."

Merlin the Cat


My cat

"DUDE! This looks awesome! You nailed the copy!"

Rob Allen of Kings of Conversion

Robert Allen

CEO, Kings of Conversion

"Your copy is addicting. Serious Genius."

Ngoc Thach of Mix Maker Agency

Ngoc Thach

Founder, Mix Maker Agency

"Best marketer I've ever worked with."

Michael Strand of Sic Semper Serpent

Michael Strand

Content Editor, Sic Semper Serpent

"Tom's words have honed our entire organization's messaging."

Sue Crockett of MNCEO

Sue Crockett

Executive Director, MNCEO

But there's a catch.

I only write for innovators of clean tech, renewable energy, sustainable commerce, circular economies, closed-loop systems, smart materials, and regenerative production who build the socially equitable companies of tomorrow...


Are you a world changer?

Or explore my services

WHOa, Nelly

Slow down, Scroll Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

What are you looking for down here?

Wanna know more about me? Check it.

Wanna see how I use email to boost sales for your eco-brand? Hey presto!


Wanna know the answer to life, the universe, and everything? I got you.

But if you want something more, something deeper...

Wait what is happening

"Aren't you a copywriter? An email list manager? What's this about lizards?"


Calm down, it's gonna be ok.


Yes, I am the mighty Eco-Copywriter: able to scale sustainable businesses with email, alone.

But for my own email list, I like to have a little more fun.

Sure, I'll send out cutting-edge marketing strategies pRoVeN tO bOoSt uR rOi bRo!!1!!

But my best emails resonate deep in your bones with weird ideas...

...bizarre moments in history 🤔

...cosmic Reptilian knowledge 🦖 🧠

...mind-blowing facts about the universe 🤯 🤯 🤯

...silly and thrilling (silling? thrilly?) stories 😂 😵 📖

...and their own musical score 🎶 🎧 😌

Yes, each email I send will have a themed song in the P.S. line at the end. It's called the Song-of-the-Week (because I email every Wednesday).

Many readers open my emails, immediately scroll to the bottom, hit play on the Song-of-the-Week, and then read the email. Because my song reccos are 100% guaranteed to 📻 🔥 or your money back.

It's the World's First Email List With a Soundtrack, which is definitely an actual world record, no need to Google it.

So yeah, 'mind-blowing stories with amazing music' is a good summary.

"Ok great, but why do you keep talking about lizards and reptiles and stuff?"



I'm not gonna bribe you with a free PDF (or dumb lead magnet) that you'll download and promptly ignore for eternity.

I'm going to entertain you once a week, maybe teach a lil' sumpin' sumpin'. At the very least, I'll introduce you to some great music.

I wanna help you see the strange beauty of this world (there's the Eco-Copywriter coming out).

If that's not enough for you, don't sign up.

"Sounds cool, but I'm still a little worried about the lizard stuff tho? Like, are you a reptile?"


I'll let my subject lines do the talking. Here are the first 8 emails I'll send you:

  1. Welcome to The Eco-Copywriter list (and also the Reptilian Revolution)

  2. Proof that aliens already live among you

  3. The arcade game the US government used for mind control

  4. Steal my natural, homemade deodorant recipe (and never buy one of those plastic tubes again)

  5. The dancing plague in 1518 that caused people to shimmy to their deaths

  6. The 400-year-old Frenchman who invented modern comedy (and wrote the jokes you still laugh at today)

  7. I haven't shampooed in 13 years (and other ways big brands control your behavior)

  8. 5 copywriting (and life) tips my cat taught me


And it just gets weirder from there.

People love it:

"I loved your email and we definitely need your list, sir."

She's talking about this list of my fave green brands


My friend Hillarie also writes an excellent newsletter about re-connecting with nature

I could read those all day, but enough with the screenshots.


On with the emails!


Prepare thyself for one wild ride, starting with the "Thank You" page you'll see right after you sign up.

Because I'm like the Willy Wonka of email.


And you just found The Chocolate Room...